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How To Play From A Divot

Is there anything more frustrating than hitting a good drive only to find your ball has come to rest in a divot? You thought you were in prime position and now you are faced with a challenging, unpredictable lie.

Ball Will Fly Lower

The first thing Scott explains is that out of a divot the ball will fly much lower. With its position below the level of the ground, you will not be able to get the club on the back, or under, the ball as much as normal, thus it will fly lower. To counter this, you should select a club with more loft to ensure you get the ball in the air.

Extend The Divot

The best approach to dealing with a ball in a divot is to imagine extending that divot. With the ball resting down, you need to trap the ball and drive your club into the ground, perhaps even doubling the size of the existing divot.

Ball Back, Hands Forward

To help extend the divot and drive the ball out of the depressed lie, you should put the ball back in your stance and ensure your hands are ahead of the ball both at set-up and impact. This position will help you drive down into the ball.

Abrupt Finish

Because of the way you will set-up up to the shot and the driving action of your swing, you will not need a full follow-through. Therefore, practice finishing short, much like a punched shot. This will again help you drive the ball and keep your hands and weight ahead of the ball.

SOURCE:  Golfalot

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