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Golf Swing Instructions for Seniors​

Golf is a game that can be played by nearly all ages. While some seniors can maintain their swings throughout their playing careers, many find that as they age flexibility is reduced, making it difficult to continue swinging in the way in which they are accustomed. By learning to make the necessary adjustments to a swing to account for a loss in flexibility, a senior can begin to get the most out of his new swing and shoot as low as possible.

Position the ball farther forward in your golf swing than normal when hitting a ball off of the tee. Setting the ball forward allows you to strike at the start of the upswing, making it easier to get clean contact on the ball.

Cock your wrists back earlier in the swing than standard. For a basic swing, the wrists cock naturally near the top as the turn dictates. A less strenuous swing calls for the wrists to begin cocking when they are about one foot from the ball, as your arms may not go far enough back for natural cocking to occur.

Maintain the majority of your weight on your lead foot. Rather than shifting weight back then driving it forward as the club is swung down on the ball, keeping a slight majority of your weight on your front foot throughout the swing ensures that you stay in front of the ball at impact.

Turn back with the club while maintaining that forward weight, bringing the club as far back as you are comfortably able. While your range of swing may not be as large as that of a pro, the variations will allow you to get the club around for cleaner contact.

Swing down on the ball and allow the wrists to release at the moment of impact, going from their cocked position forward through the ball. The snapping action will add extra whip to the swing and added power.

SOURCE:  golfweek

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